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Harry Williams

Handstand Specialist

Harry started out teaching yoga after an extended trip to India in 2012. After teaching around Perth for a few years he realised his passion lay in the more physical aspects of yoga.

Known for his no-bullshit approach to the more physical aspects of yoga, Harry offers a dynamic and holistic approach to the body, rather than being ‘restricted to the map’. An extended trip to India in 2012 awakened Harry’s passion for yoga, and he soon discovered his style after meeting Ido Portal in 2014. After sampling a whole range of different disciplines and studying under Ido himself, Harry found his passion in hand balancing. Since then, Harry has established a name for himself both locally and internationally selling out workshops all over Europe, Indonesia, and the UK. With a dedicated following around the world, Harry measures himself by his students. He will push the boundaries of your capacity and make every movement beneficial to your body and your practice.