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Wellness in 10 / Routine

May 4, 2020

Week 2

One of the simplest ways we can build and protect our ojas, is through routine.

Especially now when so much of the normal structure of our life has been torn away and we have no certainty from one day to the next what we will be asked to do to protect ourselves, our families and our communities. Even the weather in this time of year can be challenging, never knowing from day to day whether it will be warm, or cold, windy or wet. This variability presents our body with additional challenge and for many of us, it weakens our immunity and makes us more vulnerable to disease.

One of the key tools we have to tackle this in Ayurveda is to maintain a daily ritual or routine. Daily rituals are the first step to maintaining balance in our mind & body no matter what is happening in our external environment. Ultimately our first line of defence.

Introducing a routine that works for you and your lifestyle is essential. There are some key elements that we can suggest from the Ayurvedic perspective but these are best thought of as ideas for you to consider. Rather tune into your own wisdom about what feels most supportive and start with that.

Stress and over activity reduces Ojas. COVID-19 has forced us to slow down. We build resilience by ensuring we get plenty of rest. Going to bed before 10pm every night gives our body time to repair and rejuvenate. Rising early with the sun aligns our  inner rhythms to the cycles of nature. Starting our morning with a glass of warm water will help the body to release waste which at once will calm the mind. Including daily movement, meditation and breathing practices all protect our physical and mental wellbeing. Eating meals at the same time each day builds structure and certainty. Taking care that the quality of our food is as wholesome and nutritious as possible, supports digestion which in turn maintains our physical wellbeing.

Having a gratitude practice, daily journaling – whatever it is for you, the key is to start something and maintain it. And know that you are already on this path. Many of us start each day with a shower, or maybe your preference is to bathe before bed, most of us exercise each day … this is the basis upon which we have to build. Join us as we experiment with some new ideas on instagram this week.


Author: Lisa Clegg

Wellness Manager