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Wellness Spa

Through the experience of relaxed luxury, we provide a welcome respite from the business of modern day living.

Massage, facials, body therapies and wellness consultations empower each guest into a state of wellbeing and greater balance.

Signature Bodyscape Massage

An intuitive massage where the therapist will tune into exactly what you need today, using our very own signature oil blend.

60 mins $145 90 mins $210

Elemental Bodyscape Massage

Align the mind, body and spirit to thrive in wellness and presence. A deeply relaxing warm oil full body and scalp massage that encourages the flow of Prana, or life force energy in order to cleanse and revitalise the whole system – emotional, physical and energetic. The connected, rhythmic massage movements, enriching Ayurvedic oils, therapeutic techniques and energy stimulation releases tension and enhances balances, flow and sacred connection to self.

60 mins $145 90 mins $210

iKOU Aromatherapy Massage

A full body relaxation massage combines rhythmic movements and soothing massage with the art of the senses. Create your own journey with a choice of one of five organic iKOU oil blends.

A choice of 5 oils:
Renewal Bergamot & May Chang For energy and vitality
Tranquility Turkish Rose For heart healing and nurturing
White Flannel Flower For celebrating life, feeling beautiful and filled with joy
De-stress Geranium and lavender For calming and relaxing body and mind
Muscle Relax Eucalyptus & Kunzea For muscular warming and anti-inflammatory benefits

60 mins $160 90 mins $210

iKOU Signature White Flannel Flower Facial

A beautiful, detailed facial that is deeply relaxing, hydrating and rejuvenating for all skin types, delivering high-performance, anti-ageing results. Using all plant based products, radiant skin is revealed, hydration restored and collagen achieved using active, organic ingredients, serums and masques and boosted with acupressure facial massage.

Incorporating Aromatherapy, scalp, foot, arm and lower leg massage this really is the ultimate blissful experience.

90 mins $240 Add-ons: 30 mins sound healing $300

iKOU Body Scrub

Transform the body and mind with IKOU high performance body scrubs. Polish away dull skin to reveal. A radiant. Glow with instant results. Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants with selected oils to promote cell renewal and long-lasting healthy skin results.The finishing application of a triple butter organic Body Soufflé leaves the mind relaxed and the skin rejuvenated. Enjoy as a stand alone treatment or the perfect indulgence before a massage.

Customised body scrubs:
» Organic Italian Orange & Australian Jojoba Body Buff for cell renewal and healthy skin
» Lemon Myrtle renewal Body Scrub to cleanse and rejuvenate balanced skin types
» Organic Coconut & Native Hibiscus Body Polish gentle and effective for sensitive skin

45 mins $140


Integrate mind and body. Shiro (head) dhara (flow) is a unique and beautiful therapy that involves gently pouring a steady stream of herbal oils over the forehead and Ajna (eyebrow) chakra. This deeply relaxing treatment, has a profound effect on the nervous system, relieving symptoms of stress, anxiety, fatigue, hypertension, headaches and depression. It regulates moods, improves memory, normalises sleep patterns and helps to provide clarity of all senses.

70 mins $140 (includes 10 mins pre-treatment consultation) Course of 3 $370

Infrared Sauna

Deep core warmth is activated at a cellular level to induce sweating, enhance detoxification, skin rejuvenation, relaxation, muscular recovery and reduce inflammation. With a 2 person and 4 person sauna available, the saunas are available for private or group sessions. Reservations are required.

45 mins $50 +$25 and bring a friend

IKOU Rainforest Revival

Breathe new life into you body and soul and enjoy a fresh start with this uplifting ritual. A sea salt scrub reveals radiant skin while preparing the body and relaxing the mind to fully enjoy the benefits of full body massage that focuses on releasing tension and leaves you energised and walking on air. Enjoy a body scrub, full body and scalp massage and a foot restoration massage with mask.

90 mins $225

iKOU De-Stress Body & Mind Balance Ritual

Relax and destress the mind, balance the body and restore hydration in this soothing head to toe rejuvenation ritual. Focusing on mood lifting benefits using essential oils to promote a feeling of positivity and wellbeing, this calming treatment will leave you feeling utterly relaxed and hydrated. Enjoy a body scrub, back massage, Body Souffle, facial and scalp massage.

120 mins $265

Bodyscape Sanctuary

» Express facial
» Full body massage
» Sauna

120 mins $265

Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation

Ayurveda (Ay_ur_veda) is a system of healing with its roots in ancient India. A Sanskrit term, it literally means the ‘Science of Life’. More than 5000 years old, it is the oldest most comprehensive medical system in the world and is the source of many modern day approaches to healthcare. Ayurveda is a way of life. It believes optimal health is available for all of us and teaches how to live in balance with ourselves, with the cycles of our life, the day, the year and in harmony with the Universe. An Ayurvedic consultation is concerned with the health of your mind, body and spirit and seeks to identify the root cause of any imbalance. By examining your lifestyle, emotional and physical health, a holistic program will be developed that best suits your needs and health goals. Your initial consultation includes a complimentary follow-up consult.

60 mins $195

Ayurveda Review

Ayurveda Review