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Infrared Sauna

Detoxifying, rejuvenating and not a hot rock in sight


We do things a little differently at Bodyscape. No steam, no hot rocks, no high heat. Using Solocarbon infrared heating, you experience soothing heat similar to sunshine, without the harmful UV rays. Unlike traditional saunas that simply warm the air, infrared heats the body directly in temperatures ranging between 38 to 58 degrees. You can enjoy a deep, detoxifying sweat at a more comfortable temperature.

Our infrared sauna is the only one on the market to provide all three precise wavelengths, so you can choose your ideal outcome. Near Infrared is the shortest wavelength, reaching the skin’s surface most effectively. This focuses on cell rejuvenation, skin renewal and wound healing. Mid Infrared is longer, reaching the soft tissue where inflammation is present. This expands blood vessels and increases circulation so more oxygen can reach injured parts of the body, whilst reducing pain, speeding up healing & aids in muscle recovery and weight loss. Lastly is Far Infrared, which reaches deepest into the body where toxins are found. This stimulates your sweat glands for a deep sweat, as it increases your body temperature, blood circulation and reduces your blood pressure. The full detox effect. We also offer chromotherapy lighting in the sauna, the science of using colours to benefit our wellbeing.

45 mins $50 + $25 and bring a friend


We encourage using the sauna as regularly as possible, to enhance the outcomes of our other services and enjoy the ultimate benefits to your body. It is available by appointment with other spa treatments or for stand-alone use. You can book via MINDBODY. We extend a 1 year expiry with the 5 pack sauna sessions.

5 pack $200


Infrared saunas are scientifically proven to benefit the body in a multitude of ways. With peer reviewed clinical evidence, as well as medical endorsements, our sauna experience can assist cells, muscle tissue and skin to regenerate and repair themselves, improving the circulation of oxygen-rich blood. A cellular detoxification occurs to aid in pain relief, increased endorphins, weight loss, relaxation, an increase in collagen production for anti-ageing, reduction of blood pressure, cortisol and inflammation, as well as the prevention of chronic illness. Need we say more?